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Hi! Sorry for not updating this for almost six years. I've been busy and "adulting" happened. I can't promise to post anything regularly but here's a run down of what happened in between.

1.) I'm still a fangirl. I guess once a fangirl, you will always be a fangirl. From jpop, kpop, punk/alternative bands and sports, there's always someone I'm rooting for.

2.) My family still likes to travel. We went to China (2012) and Korea (2014). I also got to see the beautiful island of Palawan and the historical Ilocos region.

3.) I went to different concerts. I saw BIGBANG twice (ALIVE and MADE). I also watched CNBLUE's first concert in my country. I watched a lot of my favorite bands (The 1975, 5SOS, P!ATD, Yellowcard, WithCon, Dashboard Confessional, One Direction) live too. But the question is, when will I see Arashi? huhuhu.

4.) I had my first work in 2011 but I resigned two years later and worked in our family business instead. But right now, I'm a *partial* bum because my Mom got sick and I'm taking care of her.

5.) I now have a niece! I am so in love with her. She's so cute and cuddly.
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 Finally got to squeeze some time to update this so now I'm presenting you the new and improved Top Five. 

5. Studying Nihongo!! Woot woot! I decided to study mostly due to fangirling reasons but also because of my career plans. HIT

4. Moving to a new house. Well kind of. Since the school is far from where I live, I will be staying in a nearer place with my sister. I'm slightly halfhearted with this for I will be surely missing my family and I'm not really used to do household chores but I also can't stand waking up very early. HIT/MISS

3. Eighter. I'm slowly becoming a Kanjani fan! But honestly I haven't heard any of their songs, I just first watched them in HnA in their Mannequin 5 guesting. They are such a dorks! I love K8 and Arashi together! HIT

2. Baker King. I'm addicted to this drama. Nice story line and great acting. My Mom and I slept at 3 AM just to finish all Baker King episodes! Oh and Iove Joo Won!! HIT

1. Ganbatte Nihon! There's still earthquakes happening here and there and radiation continues to be a threat. But keep holding on Japan. I know you can do it. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. MISS

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 I think I now have the answer on what to write in this LJ. Yup, yup. I finally figured out what to write. After two nights of thinking, I proudly introduce to you, drum roll please, my Top Five: Hit or Miss. This list will consist my daily raves and rants like what drama I am currently hooked into, school happenings, my latest discovery and all other things that made me happy or pissed off. Its an anything goes list so expect the unexpected guys.

Here is today's Top  Five:

5.) School works and scholar duty. Gosh!! Its only the 2nd week of the term and I am feeling stressed out. MISS
4.) JC Intal and PBA's quarterfinals. I'm still bitter over JC (I'll share this story sometime soon.) and the worst part is Barangay Ginebra Kings are 0-2 in the series. Tonight's their do or die game so I'm a l bit scared to watch. Oh well at least their opposing team is Talk N' Text and Mac Cardona is there. (Wait, I forgot to warn you I'm a huge basketball fan. ) MISS
3.) Reading my first manga, Hana Yori Dango. Since I'm huge fan of all the tv adaptations (especially the Japanese version!!), I decided to read the manga. Well, at first I had a hard time reading from right to left and I'm confused on the sequence but I think I'm quite progressing. I'm on Chapter 16 now and it is still a long way to go. Fighting! HIT
2.) Badly needs an external hard drive. With all these Arashi files, I really need an external hard drive. The problem is I don't have the time to scout. MISS
1.) Arashi Around Asia in Tokyo 2008 DVD. Well, my Tita who lives in Japan bought me this DVD. It's my first Arashi DVD and I'm super excited to watch it. I hope there would be Englishsubs but I am quite certain there will be none since it is from Japan. Oh well, what matters most is that I can watch their amazing performance. I hope someday I can watch it live. HIT

That's it for my first ever Top Five! 'Till the next list. Ciao!


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