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This week is kind of eventful for me but I am out of words to detail it all out. I'm not really in the mood to speak my thoughts so sorry for my oh-so-boring post. 

5.) Ginebra lost. Argh. Alaska swept the semifinal series. You win some, you lose some. Better luck next time, JC. MISS 
4.) My turbulent mood swings. This week was full of ups and downs. I was jumping for joy in a minute then after a while I feel so depressed. I really don't know what is with this week. Hopefully, I'll be better next week. MISS 
3.) Balance my schedule. As of now I really can't manage my time. I seriously need to follow my schedule. I should also stop my excessive fan girling. MISS 
2.) School works and scholar service. 7 weeks to go and I'm all stressed out. Help me please. MISS
1.) God gave me all the signs I need, all I have to do is to wait patiently. With this I am inspired with Bible verse: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding." (Proverbs 3:5) HIT 

Again, sorry for my not so enthusiastic post for today. Gomen. Ciao! 
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 Hi guys! Here's another edition of my hit or miss list. :))

5.) Ginebra won yesterday. Wohoo! They escaped their do or die game yesterday with the heroic acts of Eric Menk and of course JC Intal with his career high of 25 points. However I think JC is not yet ready to take on crucial moments. For two games in a row, he missed free throws that could make the team snatch the victory. Oh well. Another do or die game on Friday. Go Ginebra! Never say die. HIT/MISS (I can't decide!)
4.) I need to fix my schedule. I'm still bothered with my scholar service. I have to finish 44.5 hours of duty in 7 weeks. Yea, I know that compared to other schools, our required number of service is rather short but still I have other things to do and I'm still adjusting with this new  schedule. MISS
3.) I received my four month allowance. Well on a positive note of being a scholar, I got my monthly allowance. I think I now have sufficient money to buy my top 2 list. hehe. HIT
2.) Super badly needs an external hard drive. My internal hard drive's memory has still enough space but with all these Arashi files I need an external hard drive for extra memory. MISS
1.) Arashi. I'm still on a Arashi high. Today I read some of their scanlations and I just can't help but fall in love again and again with them. They are just so.. Gahh. I can't explain it. I'm speechless with their awesomeness. Also, I'm torn between Sho and Nino. I can't decide who's my ichiban. I think Sho and I are alike in many ways but I really love Nino's personality funny but deep. Gah. What a problem right? HIT

That's it for now. Ciao. :)) 


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