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This week is kind of eventful for me but I am out of words to detail it all out. I'm not really in the mood to speak my thoughts so sorry for my oh-so-boring post. 

5.) Ginebra lost. Argh. Alaska swept the semifinal series. You win some, you lose some. Better luck next time, JC. MISS 
4.) My turbulent mood swings. This week was full of ups and downs. I was jumping for joy in a minute then after a while I feel so depressed. I really don't know what is with this week. Hopefully, I'll be better next week. MISS 
3.) Balance my schedule. As of now I really can't manage my time. I seriously need to follow my schedule. I should also stop my excessive fan girling. MISS 
2.) School works and scholar service. 7 weeks to go and I'm all stressed out. Help me please. MISS
1.) God gave me all the signs I need, all I have to do is to wait patiently. With this I am inspired with Bible verse: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding." (Proverbs 3:5) HIT 

Again, sorry for my not so enthusiastic post for today. Gomen. Ciao! 
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5.) Arashi Around Asia in Tokyo 2008 DVD. I have started watching and to no avail it has no subs. Oh well. At least I got the feel of an Arashi concert. It was my first time to "watch" an Arashi concert and I was super amazed. The stage, costumes, performance, and everything. Hands down. They are the best. HIT
4.) Got my 1 Tera byte external hard drive. After 2 weeks of nagging, I finally bought a 1TB external hard drive. :)) HIT
3.) Wants to learn Japanese so much. I have been buying books on how to speak Japanese and maybe this summer I will take Japanese lessons (hopefully!). Aside from the language, I also want to learn the culture, food, and every thing and every thing about the country.Through this I could learn more about my favorite, ARASHI. hehe.  HIT
2.) Ginebra won its quarterfinal series against Talk n Text. After 3 do or die games, JC Intal and the rest of the Gin Kings have survived and are going to semifinals versus Alaska Aces. Wohoo! On the side note, for the nth time JC broke his career high for points last game garnering a total of 28 points. Job well done, the rocket! HIT 
1.) Crush-ed out. I am crushing on someone who is so much older than me. Honestly, he can be like my father due to our age difference. But just for clarification, its only a one-sided crush and I do not have any intention to take actions on it. Its just for inspiration and nothing else. However, I think this will be another short lived inspiration for he is leaving soon. Tsktsk. MISS

'Till the next list, Ciao. 
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 Hi guys! Here's another edition of my hit or miss list. :))

5.) Ginebra won yesterday. Wohoo! They escaped their do or die game yesterday with the heroic acts of Eric Menk and of course JC Intal with his career high of 25 points. However I think JC is not yet ready to take on crucial moments. For two games in a row, he missed free throws that could make the team snatch the victory. Oh well. Another do or die game on Friday. Go Ginebra! Never say die. HIT/MISS (I can't decide!)
4.) I need to fix my schedule. I'm still bothered with my scholar service. I have to finish 44.5 hours of duty in 7 weeks. Yea, I know that compared to other schools, our required number of service is rather short but still I have other things to do and I'm still adjusting with this new  schedule. MISS
3.) I received my four month allowance. Well on a positive note of being a scholar, I got my monthly allowance. I think I now have sufficient money to buy my top 2 list. hehe. HIT
2.) Super badly needs an external hard drive. My internal hard drive's memory has still enough space but with all these Arashi files I need an external hard drive for extra memory. MISS
1.) Arashi. I'm still on a Arashi high. Today I read some of their scanlations and I just can't help but fall in love again and again with them. They are just so.. Gahh. I can't explain it. I'm speechless with their awesomeness. Also, I'm torn between Sho and Nino. I can't decide who's my ichiban. I think Sho and I are alike in many ways but I really love Nino's personality funny but deep. Gah. What a problem right? HIT

That's it for now. Ciao. :)) 
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 I think I now have the answer on what to write in this LJ. Yup, yup. I finally figured out what to write. After two nights of thinking, I proudly introduce to you, drum roll please, my Top Five: Hit or Miss. This list will consist my daily raves and rants like what drama I am currently hooked into, school happenings, my latest discovery and all other things that made me happy or pissed off. Its an anything goes list so expect the unexpected guys.

Here is today's Top  Five:

5.) School works and scholar duty. Gosh!! Its only the 2nd week of the term and I am feeling stressed out. MISS
4.) JC Intal and PBA's quarterfinals. I'm still bitter over JC (I'll share this story sometime soon.) and the worst part is Barangay Ginebra Kings are 0-2 in the series. Tonight's their do or die game so I'm a l bit scared to watch. Oh well at least their opposing team is Talk N' Text and Mac Cardona is there. (Wait, I forgot to warn you I'm a huge basketball fan. ) MISS
3.) Reading my first manga, Hana Yori Dango. Since I'm huge fan of all the tv adaptations (especially the Japanese version!!), I decided to read the manga. Well, at first I had a hard time reading from right to left and I'm confused on the sequence but I think I'm quite progressing. I'm on Chapter 16 now and it is still a long way to go. Fighting! HIT
2.) Badly needs an external hard drive. With all these Arashi files, I really need an external hard drive. The problem is I don't have the time to scout. MISS
1.) Arashi Around Asia in Tokyo 2008 DVD. Well, my Tita who lives in Japan bought me this DVD. It's my first Arashi DVD and I'm super excited to watch it. I hope there would be Englishsubs but I am quite certain there will be none since it is from Japan. Oh well, what matters most is that I can watch their amazing performance. I hope someday I can watch it live. HIT

That's it for my first ever Top Five! 'Till the next list. Ciao!


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