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 Hiya! I'm back!! I'm still having a hard time posting regularly but I'll try. Maybe once a month will do?! :) Well, enough of the excuses, you know the drill, here's my Top 5 raves and rants.

5. Vietnam! Went to Vietnam last March. There's nothing much scenic places nor tourist things to do there but you can see how vast their progress was after the war. But what will make come back to Vietnam is shopping! Everything is cheap there. I also spotted Arashi  DVD (Sho's Quiz Show and Aiba's My Girl) there. Even when travelling my fangirling never escapes. :D HIT

4. Arashi's new DVD and album. If you're an Arashian you've probably know this already. :) This will make our pockets empty but the happiness Arashi brings is priceless. HIT 

3. Part time work. Since I'm a bum and have no source of income, I have to do something so that I can satisfy my fangirling needs (See No. 4). With this my Mom told me to do part time work in her company so that I can earn money. Yeah, my Mom is supportive of my Arashi addiction as long as I will do something in return. Nothing is for free right? And I will do everything for Arashi!! HIT

2. NBA Playoffs. Basketball is always my first love. My mornings are dedicated to watching NBA playoffs. Right now I'm cheering for Chicago Bulls! I hope they'll make it all the way to the championship. And I think I like Derick Rose. Wink, wink. HIT

1. Bum. I've been out of college for a year already and I still don't know what to do with my life. I tried to look for a job but I can't seem to find a work that will suit my interest and educational background. Every time my mom ask me "What do I want to do?" I really don't know what to answer. Am I being choosy with what job I should take or I still don't know what my calling is? Right now, everything is a blur. There are times when I cry at night because I know that in my age, I must be financially independent but with what I am doing I'm being a pain in the ass.  But for what it's worth, I thank my Mom for her patience and understanding. I love you Mom. :) MISS



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