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 Hi guys! After the Valentine's and Lunar New Year weekend, its back to regular programming in today's edition of Top Five. 

5.) My Valentine's Date - Sam Milby. I spent my Valentine's Day doing something for a good cause. I volunteered in a fundraising concert aimed to build a shelter for the unprivileged ones. The concert featured some of the up-and-coming artists and one of the hottest stars in the Philippines, Sam Milby. The event was pretty successful and I am very happy to help in this kind of event. Of course other than extending a helping hand, it was great to see Sam Milby in person. He looks so nice and good looking if I may say. This Valentine's day is definitely one for keeps. HIT
4.) Dwight Howard's hot body. I was watching NBA All-Star Weekend and I can't help but to stare at Dwight Howard's sexy body. He has this perfectly toned shoulders that are just so HOT! But other than his big muscles, I really like Dwight as a player. I love his smile, his angst and his over-all game. As for now, Dwight Howard is my favorite and sexiest NBA player. I can't wait for the playoffs. Go Orlando Magic! HIT. 
3.) Ginebra's losing skid. After winning the exhausting series against Talk 'n Text, Ginebra is on a roll losing versus Alaska. The worst part is JC Intal is not on his ready for take-off form. Another do-or-die game on Wednesday. MISS
2.) Upcoming school works. Well as of now, we still have nothing to do but I am scared that work load may fill up on the next coming weeks and thinking about it makes me distress already. Moreover this would be my last term as a college student and I am quite scared of the future. I am scared if I would get a decent job and if I would be able to keep up with my dreams. Wish me luck guys. MISS
1.) I saw the signs. I was in the midst of giving up my unrequited love for I weigh the pros against the cons. As a result of my evaluation, there are more cons on pursuing this inspiration then I started wondering if I should move on and let go. To help me decide if my crush is worth waiting, I asked God for a sign. The first was a van that resembles his car then after just few minutes a van that looks like his van popped out. But I was not convinced. I asked for another sign and that is a back mirror on a car yet again after a few minutes there were handful of cars with that specifications. OM! I thought that maybe it was just my lucky day so I decided to ask for one last sign. This one is kind of hard compared to the two. If I could see his name then that's it. It took me an hour before I saw the sign. I was actually feeling upset already since I can't find his name. I looked at it everywhere - at the posters, cars and stores. After many tries, I finally saw his name written on a public utility jeepney. At first I could not believe it so I stared at his name for a few minutes before I believed that it was for real. I was so happy and I thought that maybe this is it. On the other note, while I was searching for all the signs I read so many positive lines that made me keep my faith. I know that God is with me all the time. He never fails me and He will never will for every thing has a purpose. HIT

That's it for now. Ciao. :) 
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